"Sci-Fi" (or next generation) Dream Features

I thought I’d start a fun thread. Below are my ideas for very fancy, 5 years from now type of Roon functions I would love to see. This isn’t a feature request because these are kind of “out there” and I’d love to see what the other Rooneys are thinking they’d like to see Roon doing in, say 2022.

My ideas:

(1) A playlist on steroids: rather than a list of tracks, a Playlist could be a list of any “to do” functions for Roon, almost like a macro or series of macros. For example, the playlist items could be 1. shuffle this Tag for one hour; 2. play this song. 3. play that album. 4. Shuffle this Genre for 2 hours. 5. Play this Tidal Playlist. 6. shut down at midnight. 7. Wake up and shuffle this artist at 6:00 AM for 3 hours.

(2) Layout customizable Discover page (or some other page instead of discover): remember the Yahoo home page you could customize for your own layout? I’d love to be able to configure my own panels in a Discover-type page. Use RSS feeds to show upcoming concerts and latest music news. Configure one panel to reflect releases on this anniversary date, configure another panel to show current new releases in my favorite genres in Tidal. Follow artist posts on Twitter/Facebook. Similar to Discover, but user configurable, with a lot more options, and not just content from our libraries - include Tidal, music news. etc. Even better if this can be combined real-time with a related playlist.

(3) Super-configurable shuffle: sliders that allow us to choose between truly random or AI guided choices, go deep into favorite artists or wide into other related artists, play only hits or only deep cuts, a slider to play faster BPM music or slower. Just as many different shuffle choices as possible, to create a real virtual AND PERSONAL DJ out of Roon.

Ideas anyone?


This feature may already exist and I haven’t stumbled across it, but I would like purchase recommendations based on my music collection. Totally blue sky request, although Amazon (that marketing genius) already does something similar.

Yep, I was pretty much using Amazon for this until I stumbled upon Roon. The difference is Amazon only knows what you look at and purchase, but Roon knows what you listen to, day in and day out. Some intelligent suggestions based on that would be very fun.

Actually, the “similar to” and “influenced by” parts at the bottom of the artist screens already does this, in a sense. It probably wouldn’t be that hard to actually convert this into a specific buy-this-album recommendation.

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I find that Amazon’s suggestions are right on the mark, but I guess this just means I buy way too many CDs from Amazon.

++ on the playlist on steroids concept

Nice one!

My dream is simply that every one of the (mainly for classical) requests I’ve made in the past 3 years will be carried out. I don’t need anything crazy, just that.

I know classical is a minority interest, and that the Roon team are busy - heavens knows they’ve achieved a lot in such a small time, for such a small team.


Sure, but my goal of this thread was for people to be creative and come up with something more than the mundane fixes we all have requested.

For example, I’d love for Roon to become cloud-based and manage and play my music on any device I care to use, anywhere in the world, with complete access to my whole collection.


Have you looked at hosting your core via Amazon AWS? That might give you what you’re describing at very low cost.

Interesting idea! Might take more IT knowledge than I have. Has anyone successfully done this?

I’d like to use Roon everywhere I go - not just my house and car and walking, but all my friends houses, hotels, etc. There would be a Roon connectivity on everything, and automatic sharing according to preferences set.

I’d like curated and AI playlists - driven by me plus users in any Roon channels I’ve subscribed to (or been subscribed to) that share similar tastes. ‘Radio’ would become something that finds things I want to listen to - hopefully mostly new things outside my library - and gets it pretty much right every time - based on my mood, time of day, etc etc - Roon by now will know me well.

It would also find the cheapest versions from the stuff I’d played the most and liked the most, and order it all for me to to a maximum spend I’d set per month. I suppose the Roon robot would deal with the CDs if any of those came in.

If i was absent for a bit, it would also drop me a line and let me know it had a few new releases for me to listen to - which of course it would have assembled into playlists or similar, as well as letting me know what other people in the same curated channels think of them.

My zones would be ready at the right volumes when I got home, and would be playing when I came through the door. When in absent it would power everything down to be the greenest system on the planet.

Any technical issues would be dealt with by itself of course.

That’s version 3 taken care of anyway.

Love it!

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In 2022 when I select an album all the original and re-release album and CD notes are there to browse not just the album review as currently.

Also present will be historical reviews from the magazines all the time - Mojo rolling stone NME etc. as well as links to any articles that were written about that particular album in any of the magazines over the years e.g. A special on Sergeant Pepper etc.

There would also be a full history of how many times I had listened to it - when I had listened what hours of the day I mostly listen to it all the details to do with my listening over the last five years of this particular album.



I’d love that. I’ll bet those statistics would be surprising to many of us.

And how many of our fave artists have died - my wife complains I listen to too many dead people…so many good ones lost in the last 18months it’s hard not to keep them alive the best way we know how.

Completely agree. About 10 years ago a friend and I had a conversation discussing how we expected there to be a streak of losing the classic rockers. I was thinking mostly about bands and artists that started in the 1960s. While some of them were lost, I’ve been really surprised about who we’ve lost the last 18 months. RIP my icons.

Of course we trust Roon not to spy on us for money, unlike others.

Great ideas James, Roon should hire you :). And most of them are very “uptodate“ 2017 features.

Sounds great!