Scores instead of lyrics for classical music

I saw a new review for Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas played by Giuliano Carmignola on Gramophone today. So I pulled it up on Qobuz, beautifully integrated with roon, and began playing them as I went to read the review.

The reviewer talks about how Carmignola emphasized timing and reads the music off the sheet in a particular way, and I thought… with pop music people like having the lyrics in front of them while they listen. For classical music it would be wonderful to have the score in front of me while I listen. Following the piece from the sheet music would be a wonderful way of exploring the differences between interpretations of the same composition. Given that all the sheet music is in the public domain, this should be doable no?

Would make for a wonderful feature for us classical music lovers.
Thanks for considering!


A really great idea!!!