Scoring Classical by works in addition to "albums" (and being able to see it)

Classical: to be able to give different scores to different works inside the same album or release
Example: Quartetto Italiano: Schumann String Quartet, op. 41; Mozart String Quartet, KV 156
I consider Mozart interpretation fantastic while Schumann one is just not bad.
When searching for preferred interpretations for this Mozart quartet I want to be able to know that this one has 5 stars, whilst if I search for Schumann one, this release has just 3 stars.
Another example is any release with Beethoven nine symphonies: in one the sixth can be fantastic and the third just standard and so on.
When I want just to listen to the sixth symphony and I look for all the ones in the “Works” view, I want to be able to see my scoring in each of the different interpretations of the same work.