Scrambled or missing tracks

I am all too familiar with many issues of metadata being missing, inaccurate or confusing and problems with the Search function, especially with Classical music. I don’t normally take time to point out small issues. I think you and all users are well aware. I did want to point out a couple albums that are unusable or marred by track errors,

  1. Bartok: Complete String Quartets with the Takacs Quartet - These quartets are an iconic set for many and the Takacs version one of the finest recordings. The tracks are scrambled. It looks as if this multi-disc set has the tracks copied as disc 1/ track 1, then disk 2/track 1, then disk 3/track 1… I tried to rearrange the tracks to a new disk in the editing tool, but couldn’t seem to get it right. (I’m a music lover not a techie.) I finally made a playlist out of the disk with the tracks in the correct sequence.

  2. Claudio Monteverdi: L’Orfeo - Claudio Cavina conducting the Ensemble La Venexiana: Again a significant work (first modern opera, still performed to this day) in a highly regarded performance. Tracks are scrambled. Style of labeling of tracks and unfamiliarity with the opera make it unreconstructable for me.

  3. On Broadway - The Original Cast Recordings - Oklahoma / Carousel The final two tracks are mislabeled and the finale track is missing as a result.
    Track 18 Labelled “There’s nothin so bad for a woman ,…” is actually sequence normally called Soliloquy.
    Track 19 labelled “Highest Judge of All …” is the song “There’s nothin so bad for a woman …”
    The music “Highest Judge of All/You’ll never Walk alone” which is the musical’s finale would be track 20, but has gone missing.

I hope someone can find time at some point to recue these albums. I know you must be inundated. Thanks.