Scratching the Itch -- Next Steps

So, I’m about a year into my initial build of a “junior varsity” system (see profile for specs). I am beginning to get the itch to buy kit again. I have numerous unexplored areas, including:

MQA (Roon unfold only)
Balanced speakers
HQ Player
Pristine power sources
Magic cabling

I have no problems (really) with my present system. The Yggy has proven to be very “listenable”: multiple hours with no fatigue. I listen to symphonic and jazz music mostly, and I’ve been mildly disappointed at the recorded experience as compared to a live performance. But, to be fair, that’s a tall order.

Resources are limited, and I must prioritize these things. Like most folks, I’m looking for maximum bang/Euro.

So, what might be my next project/purchase? Many thanks.

How about the new Elac Navi bookshelfs?

The itch is striking me also. PrimaLuna has some new stuff out. :laughing:

Well, I’ll need some empty bookshelves first :slight_smile:

A Qutest, then?

I thought you were a Brooklyn guy, then a Teac guy, now this. Constant surprises. But really that’s the second DAC to get?

I think you are set. You’ll get a bigger bang for the buck on the analog side.

A1 or A2 Yggdrasil? If the former upgrade to the later.

This squared! The Yggdrasil A2 is an amazing source for the right amp and speakers. Mine drives a Hegel H360 integrated amp, KEF Reference 1 speakers and REL T7i subwoofers. I listen to lots of jazz and some classical, including 20-40 live performances/year. There’s no way to make my domestic living room to sound as compelling as good seats at SFJAZZ’s Miner hall or SF Symphony’s Davies hall, but bar building a new house with a fancy auditorium, my current home setup has good staging, instrument placement and staging. Not looking to upgrade, for sure. OTOH, still fiddling with my headphone systems, by the time I’m done they might be scary close in price to the speaker system :confused:

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Never Brooklyn, toyed with Teac.

I bought an iFi Pro iDSD and haven’t looked back.

BTW - In spite of what the Yggy fans may say about it, it doesn’t do DSD, which was part of your criteria.

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BTW he had no requirements or criteria just a list unexplored areas.

If he wants to explore DSD, then he’ll need a DAC that does DSD.

You Yggy guys are really sensitive, BTW.


A2. And pay no mind to Slim. He knows he made a mistake forgoing the Yggy and is projecting.

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Speakers and convolution. Or just convolution.
I say this because if you go down the convolution road you are going to spend some serious time understanding how your room (and speakers) are set up. Personally, I think working on room setup (and/or room treatment) will give you better sonic improvement than all that other stuff put together (except for speakers). It’ll take you a day or two, and isn’t as much fun as buying new stuff, but it’s cheap ($75 for a microphone) and has huge payback.


It may help if you can pinpoint the shortcomings or what you think your rig isn’t providing? What does it do really well with and what doesn’t it do very well? Do you have an overall budget or is that dependent on what area you address.

There are a ton of areas in which to improve upon in every system.

  • Power
  • Acoustics / room issues
  • Isolation
  • Spkr setup
  • Specific gear
  • Network
  • Cabling :fearful:

If it where me, I would always start out with acoustics/room issues and speaker setup first and foremost. These will probably provide the most significant impact and if this isn’t addressed much else wont matter, especially speaker setup/placement. IF you have that sorted out, then maybe speakers as you don’t list your specific speakers.