Scratchy or static like noise

Hi Dylan,

What exactly does “take this device to Echo” mean? Do I have to leave the unit there? For how long?
Do they or will they have a different supply? I was in their shop late last week and they did not mention it. Their showroom unit btw is dead silent.

I waited months to get a unit and paid for a Nuc+. I do not want to be without the music source. Why not replace this unit and then you guys can figure out what’s causing it? If it’s the power supply what are you going to do for me? And why do you think would a DC source cause this inside the unit? The noise is definitely coming from there.

Hi @rcaudio,

We are going to reach out to Echo Audio regarding the next steps here and will discuss how to best resolve this issue with them. Can you confirm the serial number of the Nucleus? You can find this via the Nucleus Web Administration Interface.

Dylan, it’s Serial #54B2030BBBC9. That is actually another issue I earlier contacted Support on but didn’t hear back. The label as you can see is smeared. That is how it was out of the box while I was still at the store. It would appear someone was not careful or the process doesn’t allow enough dry time. In any case it should pass QA in my experience.

Hi Dylan,

I plan to stop at Echo tomorrow to see what they can tell me. I have a question though. If one were to use a LPS what (DC) voltage and amperage would you recommend?

Hi @rcaudio,

We recommend 19V / 65W.

Hi Dylan,

Just talked with folks at Echo Audio and they tell me they have not heard from you. Very disappointing how this being handled. So what’s the deal?


Hey Richard,

I spoke with Dylan about this and I think there was a miscommunication on our side.

I’m going to make sure we look into this and figure out what went wrong, and I’ll make sure someone reaches out to Echo Audio as well – our apologies for the delay.

Thanks, and apologies for the delay.


Excellent, thanks guys.

Hi @rcaudio,

I just wanted to follow up and let you know that I spoke with the team and confirmed that they’ve reached out to Echo Audio. We haven’t heard back from Echo yet, but they should have the information needed for next steps here and you should be hearing from them soon.

You have our apologies for the prior miscommunication.


Thanks Dylan, they contacted me and I will get over there in the next day or two. Richard

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Hi @rcaudio,

We spoke with Echo Audio about our next steps and I wanted to make sure we followed up with you here as well. We’re going to be replacing the Nucleus and you should be hearing more about this from Echo very soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to send over some instructions for backup up your database. You can back up Roon before you send out the Nucleus and then you can restore that backup once the new Nucleus is received. This will allow you to restore all of your Roon data onto the new Nucleus.

For instructions, please see our Knowledge Base article on the subject.

If you have any questions about this please let me know. We appreciate your patience while we’ve worked to get this resolved, Richard!


Hello Dylan,

I have been working with Echo Audio. They verified the unit had the noise even with a couple of different supplies. Another unit they had in the store did the same thing. Yesterday they swapped me a replacement and it also has it. Is this a universal thing with these units? What does Intel say? It’s really not what I was expecting after springing for a fanless unit to have in my system.


Hi @rcaudio – First I’d like to express my sincere apologies for the ongoing issues here.

I just met with the team to discuss this. This isn’t an issue we are receiving widespread reports of, so we were very surprised to hear that this is happening for this Nucleus as well.

The last Nucleus that you had is currently on its way back to the manufacturer. They are going to be investigating the exact origin of this issue with us.

For now, we ask that you please hang on to the unit you have currently and use it as we investigate this. Once we have concluded our investigation into the previous Nucleus we will reach out to you with our next steps.

For our records, would you kindly confirm the serial number of the new Nucleus you’ve received?

Once again you have our sincere apologies here, Richard. I’ll be sure to keep you updated as our investigation procedes and will update you as soon as possible.

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for the update. The replacement unit is 54B2030B0FE9. The unit does sound amazing beside this.


Thanks, @rcaudio — I’ve passed the serial number along to the team. I’ll be sure to reach out again when we have more information from our investigation.

Your patience and cooperation is very much appreciated!

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Hi @rcaudio,

Apology for the delay here! First, I wanted to provide an update on the Nucleus noise issue. Please see this post from Danny:

As for the playback issue, can you send the convolution filter over to us so we can take a look?

@danny, is this the version you refer to, build 12? Mine still chirps, maybe not as loud but it’s still there.

@danny, @dylan, I can still distinctly hear the noise. It is much lower but definitely still there.