Screen / extension troubles update

Hi all,

I thought it was time to give a little update on where we are.

As mentioned before I’m rewriting the extension from the ground up. The problems we’ve encountered made me realize that the current design is not up for the task. To much logic had landed in the extension itself. The new extension however is just acting as a proxy and exposing ‘everything’ that’s going on in your Roon setup. This results (among others) in a more clean setup, but also provides new possibilities towards the future.

Right now I’m testing the new extension. As this is a big change I’m going to provide a beta release (expect it somewhere this week) so we can battle test it with some more people. Especially scenario’s with grouped zones are important to test thoroughly.

Unfortunately this is not gonna fix all our problems. I already reported a few bugs to the Roon team, but during testing I ran into the issue that basically the complete extension was dead. Restarting it did not help, only restarting Roon server brought things back to live. This has been reported a few times and I thought I pinpointed this to being a ROCK related issue. But it’s not. Challenging part is to make this reproducible so the Roon team can have a look. So far no luck.

Stay tuned.