Screen flicker on Macbook Pro Remote

I have the same issue. Running Roon Server on a Windows 10 / i5 7600 PC. It’s annoying. @support - any ideas?

I notice the Roon app on Windows uses the GPU to render the application (as I can see RivaTuner overlay shows up on the upper left corner within the app window)

Have you tried updating your display driver? (just a thought)

Roon Server? That doesn’t have a GUI. So I’m not sure how this could be causing screen flicker…

So it doesn’t :slight_smile:

Let me clarify. Roonserver on the Windows PC headless. I have Roon as a frontend on a Macbook Pro and on a couple of iPads. The screen flicker is on the Macbook and it comes and goes intermittently with no pattern that I can discern. It hasn’t been an issue on the iOS version.

Its not a major problem for me because I mostly use an iPad. I just find it a little weird is all. When it’s ‘on’ then rebooting the Macbook or restarting Roon or Roonserver doesn’t fix it.

Hi @Mark_Higgins ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us.

Moving forward, may I kindly ask you to provide me with the model/specs of the Macbook Pro you are noticing this “screen flickering” behavior on.


Thanks for the follow up, @Mark_Higgins! Are you able to describe this “flickering” you are noticing with the MBP in greater detail (What it looks like? How is it Triggered? Etc)?

If there is a way for you to provide a video of this behavior that would be ideal :innocent:


I’ll try to recreate it and will provide video if I manage to do so. Best I can describe is that it’s a bit like (don’t laugh :joy:) a crappy 80s movie/tv show when some megalomaniac cuts into every tv channel to deliver his message of doom, or to be slightly less facetious about it when I first saw it I thought the problem was with the screen on my Macbook not drawing enough power, and not with Roon (it’s not the screen - when I swipe to other fullscreen applications they’re fine)

For what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure the last time it happened there was quite a bit of ethernet traffic on the machine as it’s a relatively new build and I was copying my library over from a NAS. My initial suspicion was that this was a factor but intuitively that makes no sense to me as how could LAN traffic on the server device (the Windows 10 PC) cause GUI issues on the controller (in this case, the Macbook Pro)?

Anyway - apologies for the long post. I hope the description was useful. I’ll try to get some video, but as I said I may not be able to reproduce this.

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Thanks for the follow up and the description, @Mark_Higgins! I absolutely understood what you’re talking about (in regard to the "flickering), appreciated! :sunglasses:

I just did a quick test on an older Macbook Pro and a MacBook Air, both running as Roon remotes, with a core being hosted on a Win10 laptop. I did not noticing any flickering when when scrolling around the application, but please due keep us updated if you are able to reproduce/capture a video.