Screen flickering issues

I have my MacMini (late 2012 with 16GB of ram) connected to my TV (Samsung 55") via hdmi and every so often across the bottom 1/3 of the TV i get 1 simple flicker, any ideas on what can be the cause of this. I’ve only ever noticed it using Roon, which is usually in full screen mode and I notice it the most when I have the now playing screen up, but it does happen for example on the overview page too. This has been happening from the beginning, but I remember before with earlier versions of Roon it was more a very thin white line that would pop up every so often, also across the bottom 1/3 area of the screen.

Thanks for any help on what could be the cause.

Windows.pc via hdmi to samsung 9000 55 inch tv. Never a flicker.

I got the same TV. :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s strange, I thought it may be the HDMI cable but this issue only happens when using Roon. Maybe CPU running to much? IDK, must be a reason though.

You’re not using El Capitan beta by any chance?

No. 10.10.5 and this Mac is only used as a music server, so has very little other than music related apps and my music storage is on a FW400 4TB external drive and a 4TB USB drive set up as a time machine backup.

Have you tried a different HDMI. I have seen weird issues start to happen when a HDMI cable goes bad.

I thought about that, but if I use Netflix on the Mac no issues.

I’ll try swapping the HDMI cable with the Oppo 105 blu-ray player and see what happens. Hope it’s as simple as that but I kinda doubt that’s it.

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Try using hdmi 2 input on the one connection to box with the mac. Strange things happen of you put a computer on the other hdmi inputs

I’m starting to think it is time machine because I just removed the FW music library drive from backup and the flickering has seemed to stop.

@Rugby, thanks, I just changed the MacMini hdmi from input2 to input3 on the tv and that seems to have done it… Wait and see.

It wasn’t time machine as the flicker came back after I posted.

EDIT: not it, the flickering is still there.