Screen freezes after bootup

So in an attempt to fix my issues here

I unistalled Roon and deleted all the database stuff found in /users/appdata/etc. on both my core and desktop remote.

Reinstalled Roon on my core which now appears to work flawlessly, detected all my albums very quickly, only weird issue is I now can only choose the asio driver for my dac, there is no wasapi audio device.

Reinstalled Roon on my desktop as a remote and i’ve had some problems with freezing. After initial install it runs fine, I go into the settings and choose the dark theme and after Roon restarts the screen freezes. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and also rebooting the computer but it does the same thing. The Roon quote screen shows up at bootup with the interface loading up quickly right behind it. The quote box then disappears and leaves a completely black spot on the Roon interface where it was displayed. Sometimes the entire Roon application screen goes black, other times it will stay like that with the interface completely frozen. As of now, the only way I can do anything is to uninstall/reinstall.

Sorry for the trouble here @robbbby – can you try something for me?

When you’re in this state, can you try the hotkey for opening Settings? (ctrl/cmnd + ,) Just let me know if things are frozen, or if you’re actually seeing the Settings popup?

Also, is this only happening when you’re on remote?

So the hotkey is “ctrl” + “+” ?

If so, that does nothing. It appears everything is frozen right from the moment of bootup. If I minimize Roon in that state and then maximize it, the screen comes back totally black. It only happens on the remote. Like I mentioned I did a full uninstall/reinstall. It’s odd because it did work before.

Sorry, that was unclear. It’s CTRL and comma.

That brings up the settings menu which I can click and navigate through, can’t seem to get anywhere else though.

Ok, when I am in the settings, I can select to disconnect from my library and then reconnect to it and everything works great, however when I close down Roon and restart it does the same thing again. At least I can get out of it now and use the program.

Yeah, that was going to be the next step, to see if this workaround works. Really sorry for the trouble here @robbbby.

The good news is this issue is already fixed for our next release. Still working on the timeline, but expect a fix for this in our next update.