Screen issues with new update


Upgrading to the most recent update nuked my install so I had to reflash my SD with a fresh install. Upon getting it going again the screen is not working. It lights up and I have a bunch of random colored vertical lines on the display. I swapped displays with another zone I have and getting the same issue while the other zone works fine with the original display. I’ve reset the ribbon cable multiple times and even tried a different ribbon cable. Can anyone please give me some advice? Is there anyway this is a RoPieee issue? Could I have damaged the display port on the pi board while getting the SD card in and out?

Thank you!

I have exactly the same problem. problem is not with the display it is roon itself. so far I have not seen a written solution that resolves this issue, if anybody has an idea kindly let me know

I still haven’t been able to get mine to work. I wanted to try a new pi but haven’t been able to get one at a reasonable price. So for now I’m running it without the screen. Please let me know if you figure anything out.

Can you explain what exactly is the problem? You hijacked a forum threat from last year, so that don’t make it clearer :wink: