Screen lag issue

I’m having an issue with Roon lagging after accepting commands. For example, when I select a track or advance to another one, the cursor is temporarily replaced by the colorful spinning wheel icon, and it takes Roon up to 30-40 seconds to refresh the display and show the new track. This used to happen nearly instantaneously.

I am running on a 2011 MacMini w i7 chip and 4GB RAM using OS X El Capitan version 10.11.6, Music is stored on an attached Promise Pegasus hard drive. Collection size is 49470 tracks.

Any specific reason you tagged Allo Tech support above?

Anyway…are you running an SSD for the Macmini?

Are you also running any DSP up sampling or filters?

perhaps you really meant support ?

Yes, I meant @support. Sorry for the typo.

The Mac is running an SSD, but no up sampling or filters.

perhaps edit the above and remove the tag so as not to confuse him… no need to tag support 2 x I will remove mine too

OK is there a small indication in the top right that your library is rescanning? or have you added a lot of music to the library?

also check in the EDIT storage settings to see if its scanning

I don’t see an indication that it is scanning. I’ve added a fair number of Tidal tracks over the last month, but not many within the last week.

so nothing like this

18 AM

or this
53 AM

No. Watching for new files but not scanning.

Is your Macmini on a wifi connection or wired lan? Or both in which case what is the connection order preference? Turn off wifi if you have the lan connected.

It is on WiFi only.

Try a lan connection if you can for the core. Many things can interfere with wifi connections.

That is my challenge with this system - it is located in a room that does not have an easily accessible LAN connection.

Maybe run a long cable to troubleshoot or try to improve your wifi coverage.

Can you post an image of the wifi connection info on the mini? Hold down the option button while pressing the left button while the cursor is on the wifi icon and screen grab that area. (Command shift 4)

Here’s what I am seeing.

Hi @Kevin_Johnson ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Both are very appreciated!

Moving forward, to help aide in our evaluation of this behavior you are experiencing may I kindly ask you to provide the following information:

  • If you have any devices currently acting as Roon remotes are they displaying the same “lag” as the MacMini?

  • You are noticing this behavior with TIDAL content as well, correct?


Thanks, Eric. I am not running any Roon remotes - just the MacMini. I am seeing the lag with Tidal content as well.

Hi @Kevin_Johnson ---- Thank you for the follow up and verifying that information for me, the insight is appreciated :+1:

You mentioned that in the past things were much fast with your setup, have there been any changes made since noticing this issue? Furthermore, can you please provide the following feedback:

  • The make/model of router you are implementing in your setup, as well as providing insight into any additional networking hardware you may be currently are making use (i.e switches, powerline adaptors, etc). I want to have a clear understanding of how information is moving across your network.

  • If you use the TIDAL application outside of Roon, what is the experience like?

  • If you sign out of TIDAL in Roon and just make use of the local content on the mentioned HD, how does the system respond?


The router is a Verizon ActionTec MI-424. it is connected to a FIOS source that is now provided by Frontier.

The only real change in the setup has been that I downloaded the most recent version of Roon shortly before I started having this issue. Otherwise, everything is the same as before.

When I use the Tidal app directly, I don’t experience any lag.

I just logged out of Tidal in Roon. Once I did so, it handled the existing content with no lag.

When I logged back in to Tidal in Roon, it seemed to be doing better. Now I will occasionally get a momentary lag when I’m advancing through selections that Radio has made for my playlist, but they’re only lasting a second or two as opposed to 30 seconds or a couple of minutes…

I’m starting to think that the length of the lag is proportional to how long a particular playlist has been running. Any reason why that would make a difference?

Hi @Kevin_Johnson ---- Thank you very much for the follow ups, the insight is very appreciated and my apologies for the slow response here.

Moving forward, I had a chance to discuss this behavior you are experiencing with some members of our tech team this morning and as per the team’s request would you kindly please provide us with a screenshot of the “activity monitor” when you are noticing the mentioned lag? The team would like to see what percentages the “cpu” and “memory” tabs are at when the issue occurs.