Screen missing when trying to add music storage location

Roon Nucleus v 1.5
Widows 7 PC
DacMagic connected to Marantz AVR.

Unit has been installed for months. About a week ago client stated that all of his stored music was gone. Upon arrival his PC does not give him the Storage Options screen when adding music through the Storage page. Have un-installed and re-installed Roon software. Currently unable to use any stored music either on PC or Network share.

That’s an odd screenshot you have there. It looks like one of mine (I have a test machine called Degas), and is an old version of Roon.

I would expect the Storage screen to look something like this for version 1.5 of Roon:

Are you not seeing something like this?

Thanks for reaching out to us, @Clinton_Kawakami!

The options can be found after the watched folder path is chosen. I’ll make sure that screenshot in the KB gets updated.

Just to clarify, none of their watched folders are showing up? Are any of their playlists still in the playlist section? What about their tags and bookmarks?

What happens when you try to add a watched folder? Does the “Choose Music Storage Folder” windows appear? Is it unable to add a specific path? Is there any error displayed? Where is the media stored?


@dylan - I’ve found the page in the KB with that old screenshot. I’ll be able to update the KB page later today, and correct the documentation.