Screen stuck on playing more time sleep

Screen won’t turn off to clock when sleep time activated a835543949014bef @spockfish
Last played with a timer to stop at a certain time in Alarm Clock Extn

seems to be stuck cant play or pause either so about to restart the extn then see how

That seems to have done the trick

Seem to be back to this again on my main display…243 is installed. No timer or other setup tho on this instance but the same happened in the bedroom unit as above last night too. Core is w10 b401 display is stand alone no Usb connected nor it is enabled.

I think this was ok before 243 update.

Feedback is d746dedb7343f655

Edit update…restarting the extension in the web UI resets it but it’s again frozen at the point the display gets the roon now playing detail…no updates to anything on screen…very repeatable.

have you restarted core?

had some windoze updates to be completed so yes I’m doing that now. I killed roon server before checking the memory and tasks etc…maybe it was memory bound…certainly not restarted it in the last week or 3 maybe since 401 updated.

Seems to have gone back to normal now so fingers X was just the Roon Server gone a bit wacky with memory - as it seems to do over time.

Max did well with 3rd :slight_smile:

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