Screen whiteout

Bump…any updates on my whiteout issue? Though, fingers crossed i have not seen it reoccur for a few days now

Hi @alex_wood,

There hasn’t been any new updates following my last messages. For us to proceed with this issue, we need reproduction steps.

Please keep an eye on when/if this behavior occurs again and if you are able to consistently reproduce by clicking on a certain button or navigate to a certain set of pages, do let us know.

Whilst I am now experiencing issues with Qobuz sign in within ROON (Seperate support request raised for that), I do not appear to be seeing any issues with “Whiteout”. Of course this may occur when I have the ability to access Qobuz again?

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@alex_wood - it is possible that Qobuz content has something to do with this issue, as I mentioned earlier - the more information / reproduction steps we have available, the better we’ll be able to get a ticket with actionable content over to the devs.

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