Screensaver keeps happening on TV (Nvidia shield)


I’m using the Nvidia shield to cast the room display. How can I stop the screen saver. I need to keep the TV on with the Roon artists display ?? How do I do this ??? The TV keeps going blank after 10 minutes



Strangely I have never had this issue, but I see other people mentioning for Chromecast as well. Wonder what the difference is.
There is a thread about Chromecast screensaver setting that can be turned off. It’s possible that I might have set that at some point

This fixed the issue for me:

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So sounds to me like it can be the TV as well. Especially OLED TV’s seem to be aggressive on turning off the display on default settings - possibly to protect the screen from burn-in effects.

Now I have turned all power saving settings off on my LG Oled TV, so that could be part of why it never happened to me on either the old Chromecast or shield TV

Put it back on, you will get burn in.

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Never had any issues but I turn the TV off when not in use and only occasionally use Roon to show artwork.
Modern OLED is much better than early stuff (and how else am I going to justify a new 8K TV :joy:}

Why on earth did you but an 8k TV. Your not going to see 8k on it for a very very long time.

I haven’t, I have as 2019 LG OLED

sorry was attempted humour for justification for the next TV. I don’t have that kind of money before anyone starts wanting a loan

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