Scrobbling fails for overlong tracks

This is based on just one sample, but looks like scrobbling fails when the track is longer than its metadata lets you know. See attached screenshot for the “overlong” part. The track never arrived at

The play bar was cleanly erased on track change, which is great. Don’t know what would have happened if it had reached the edge of the screen, though. :smile:

Wow, @Kim – that looks bad :frowning:

Is this repeatable for you? There seem to be some UI issues with the progress bar, which may or may not be related to the scrobbling issues you’re having.

Let me know if certain steps or media make this happen for you consistently, and we’ll figure out the issue. Appreciate the report!

I tried to select the “overlong” track now and Play Now: results in “Tidal: account error.”

I tried selecting the previous track to Play Now, and it works. Then selected the “overlong” track and Play Next: results in “Tidal: account error.”

I tried Play Album instead and I’m now waiting to see if it will be played if I don’t touch anything in the mean time. The whole album, including the “overlong” track, did get queued without errors.

It skipped the “overlong” track … so I cannot play it anymore to reproduce.

Also, the track is grayed out in the Tidal app.