Scrobbling On RoonServer?

Reviving old topic. Now that I’ve moved to headless with RoonServer is there a way to scrobble to I suspect not but please advise if possible.

Edit: It appears that I am still scrobbling, but not sure if it is still scrobbling after my update to build 94. Will monitor.

Regardless, how does one turn scrobbling on/off in RoonServer?

Other than a few differences during setup, nearly every feature in Roon will function the same way, whether your Core is Roon or RoonServer.

The underlying Core and the Roon interface you’re interacting with are the same – it’s just a question of how you have things configured.

The instructions above explain settting up scrobbling, but let me know if you’re still stuck @scirica

Thanks! It appears that I’m connected and scrobbling, but there is a big gap on (over 2 hours). I’ll chalk that up to a syncing issue and not worry about it for now.