Scrobbling problems with

For about a months I am no longer scrobbling to

I am logged in. I tried to disconnect and connect again without problems. I appear being logged in, but no scrobbles.

I have some scrobbles from 2 or 3 days ago. Are you sure you’re playing to the same profile that’s logged into Last.FM?

Yes, I have only one profile since 2008. I it working fine from the Tidal and Spotify desktop apps., and from JRiver Media Center.

Just a though, maybe there are registered in Roon, but not submitted to

Hi @Kim_Jensen,

We’ve confirmed that we are seeing data from today appearing in, so it seems like it may be something specific to your account. Can you confirm that you’ve logged out of in Roon and gone through the authentication process once more?

Hi Dylan,
Yes I logged out and in again. I did not play from Roon today.
Best regards

Hi @Kim_Jensen,

Are you able to scrobble from other apps?

Yes, I can scrobble from Tidal and Spotify desktop- and mobile apps. And from JRiver MediaCenter.

Hi @Kim_Jensen — I sent you a PM.

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