Scrobbling sending incorrect artist for non-local tracks since recent update [Ticket in]

Roon Core Machine

Ubuntu 12th gen i7, 32gb, running in docker, build 1228 earlyaccess

Description of Issue

I’ve scrobbled to in Roon for a long time now, but recently I’ve been having an issue with scrobbling for certain files. After looking at my playback history, it seems like the tracks that have this issue are ones streamed from Tidal as opposed to my local media. Basically, the artist of these non-local tracks comes up in a strange format like [[artist_id|artist_name]]. As an example, here’s my scrobble history: (notice the local track in the middle)

The earliest example I can find of this happening is from yesterday, 2023-03-14. I tend to keep pretty up-to-date with core updates, so this seems like it must have been a recent regression.

Thank you for your report, @nolem, I moved your post to the early access group because you spotted this bug on #1228 which is an Early Access build.



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