Scroll not functioning on trackpad with Magic Keyboard on 4th gen iPad Pro

Neither the menu or album areas will scroll using the trackpad on Magic Keyboard with iPad Pro 4th gen, with today’s update release of core and iPad app software.

I am having the same issue,

To clarify, you mean that two finger scroll gestures available since iPadOS 13.4 aren’t supported, horizontally or vertically? I see that. Push and drag works, but the scroll gestures would be very nice.

This really needs adressing. Finally, having Roon in protrait mode, then the gestures via Magic Mouse and Trackpad doesn’t work? When the iPad is setup as a desktop workstation i don’t want to grease the screen with my fingers…
@support, is this accknowledged and prioritised?

Same issue here on 2018 iPad Pro 11” with Magic Keyboard (or any other supported trackpad FWIW)

Same here really annoying having to use the screen…can’t be a hard fix surely.

+1. This is a major usability issue for everyone with IPad and mouse. Have Roon commented on a fix?

Two and a half months have gone by with no fix or comment by Roon.

I have the same issue, I’m amazed with the keyboard, and I hope Roon’s app can support it in the short term. The workaround I use is to use the Apple Pencil, so I don’t grease the screen. Hope to give you an idea meanwhile we get the trackpad support

Add me to the list. I don’t understand why Roon’s behavior is consistently unlike any other Mac/iOS app I’ve ever used. There’s nothing good about having a weird UX–it’s not better!