Scroll position does not persist - Bookmarks iOS

Great to have the other sub scrollers fixed in 806 for desktop and mobile remotes. Much appreciated :beers:

Would be great to have the fix applied to bookmarks as well :slight_smile:

Great points, @RBO. We’re working on a lot of fixes and improvements with scrolling, positioning and functionality with smaller screens.

For bookmarks, it would be great to share your comments in more detail in our Feature Request area. Our devs hang out there (quietly) and keep up with the ideas.

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Hello @kirsten

Thanks for picking this up.

Not sure this can be considered a feature request as I understand this behaviour was not present before 1.8 was released. If this is the case, it would be more of a bug :slight_smile:

Most of these sub scroller bugs were fixed with build 806 and I believe this one was missed in iOS. Was fixed in macOS.

To clarify what I am after: when I scroll through albums added to bookmarks and click into an album and then out of this, I am taken back to the top of the page rather where I left off.

Hope this makes sense and there are several other threads on the scroll position not persisting in NRFY, recent activity, etc. However, these were fixed in 806 :slight_smile: