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When I browse through my album covers, sometimes I can out run the buffer (or whatever) and need to wait for the balance of the artwork to flow in and fill the screen. I have no problems here, I just am wondering which components control this function.

Is it hard drive speed, network speed, boot drive speed, or does anyone have an idea of which portions control this activity. I am redoing my core machine as present and would like to build it out, to eliminate any, or as many of these things as I am aware of, or able to do so.

I am using a Mac Pro 5.1 for my core, 3.47 hex/48 ram/pcie ssd/4 bays for local storage. I have 111K tracks on a 6G 7200 HD. Again, Roon is meeting and or exceeding my exceptions… I am only wishing to learn how the subsystems work, with each other and or as stand alone sections. I am on a 1g hardwire network with switch and etc.

I also want to add a big thank you to the good folks at Roon whom have created such a nice piece of software, nice work on this.

Hi @Rodney_J_Sorensen,

If you go to Settings > Setup you should see the following option:

Try increasing the memory for photos here and see if that improves things for you.

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Thank you, I have not grasped all of Roon as yet. I did not think it was the node, I thought it at the core. Works as it should and I learned something of value going forward.

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