Scrolling disc numbers whilst editing large box sets [Bug]

I’m using OSX on a remote to RoonServer on a Linux NUC.

I have some tracks that have split off one of the disks of a large multi disk set. When I try and merge the “lost” tracks back with the multi disk set I have to reorganize the tracks to the right disks.

Despite the lost tracks being correctly identified as disk 72 these tracks are initially sorted into disk 1. I therefore need to select these individual tracks that are currently wrongly attributed to disk one and move them to disk 72.

If I highlight disk one and select the tracks, then hit the “Move to different disk” option I get a large column of disk numbers that I find doesn’t scroll. As a consequence I can’t select disk 72 nor can I choose the manual option as this is hidden at the bottom of the disk list and similarly can’t be scrolled to.