Scrolling in Playlists on iPadPro

In general I am very happy with the remote software on my iPadPro 12.9 inch, but one behaviour frustrates me: I have long playlists, and whenever I scroll to a title to start playing it and then do something else (e.g. leave roon to go to another app), upon returning to Roon the list view has jumped back to the top of the list. This is frustrating because I have a hard time finding the place where I was last. Could the software not be made to remember the last position whenever you return to a list? This applies also to album view etc.
A second minor complaint: If I want to search for an album in Qobuz (which I have integrated in Roon - great feature!!!), my search settings (e.g. Jazz & Classical) are not remembered and I have to set it every time - but my taste of music does not change.