Scrolling on iOS/iPadOS erratic in Composition view - build 903 [Ticket in]

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

USB, Chord Dave + M Scaler

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

With build 903 scrolling in all tabs is improved on iPhone and iPad, but Composition view is still erratic.

For example search for “Piano sonata No. 14” and pick composition from the results.

See the linked video to see the results .
Scrolling down works correctly, but scrolling up (regardless of speed), is jumping up and down.

Same issue on:
iPhone 11 Pro
iPad Pro 11 2021
iPad Mini 6

Thank you for the report, @StefanK. We were able to reproduce and put a ticket in.



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I am having a very similar issue with scrolling the play history queue on a windows 11 laptop. I see the same but much worse jerky behaviour both scrolling arrow up and scrolling arrow down that results in a system crash.

Scrolling up and down with the track pad plus finger gestures seems to be more stable.

Just tested on 911 build, but the issue is still present

Hey @StefanK , I just wanted to let you know that our latest update, Build 918, has resolved this scrolling issue. Can you please install the latest version from the app store. Thanks!

Hi @jamie, I just retested with build 918 on iPhone 11 Pro, iPad Mini 6, iPad Pro 11 (2021). In all cases the issue is still present and not a bit better than before. Does not matter if in portrait or landscape mode.
Scrolling down works fine (as it was working also before).
Scrolling up is jerky on all the 3 devices.

Hey @StefanK,

Thank you for sharing what you’re seeing. We’ve received similar reports that the problem persists on tablets. We’re looking into it and hope to have more details to share soon!

@jamie , @support
Just tested on iPhone 11 Pro, iPad Mini 6, iPad Pro 11 (2021) the scrolling issue on compositions view and it is still there on the new build 923.

Don’t understand what kind of testing is done to check the issue is resolved as it was already two times reported as fixed in the two last builds.

To test the issue just search for example for “Piano sonata No. 14”.

I would suggest you open again a mew beta program, where the developers can get direct feedback from the community.

Scrolling issue is very simple to reproduce: scroll down and then start to scroll up. Scrolling up is very jerky


Hi @jamie, @support

I installed Build 923 yesterday and am now having the same problems that others have reported.

My details…

Roon Core Machine

Quiet PC Windows10 pro 64 bit, Intel I5 CPU, 16GB RAM

Main Library Storage area Samsung T5 1TB USB-C SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

BT Smarthub 6 router, wifi via BT Whole home 6 mesh wifi & Trendnet Eco network switches. Core = ethernet to router.

Connected Audio Devices

Core connected, via USB, to Chord Mscaler/Dave

Additional endpoints Muso, MusoQB, iMac.

Controlled via iPad 12.9pro, iPhone 13. iMac 24”

Library Size

28K+ tracks

Description of Issue

Prior to build 923 the scrolling issues described were barely noticeable, after installing 923 the issues are now very noticeable and a nuisance, scrolling up is very jerky/choppy…

Hey @StefanK & @PixelPopper,

My apologies for not jumping back in with an update sooner. There’s a new ticket in on this issue and work is underway. Thank you for letting us know that you were still seeing this behavior. We hope to have it remedied soon and appreciate your patience and courtesy during the wait.


@support, just to let you know the same behaviour is still present on the composition view on all my apple devices (iPhone, iPads)

@support, this issue is still not fixed in the composition view on all my apple devices.
Simply test by searching of ‘piano sonata no 14’, choose the composition from the results, scroll down so that several albums are displayed and then try to scroll back up slowly. It will start to jump around like crazy.
Really surprised this kind of UI bug can’t be resolved since February.

I see this too, it’s just not my daily musical diet so somewhat obscure.

@support, fyi this issue is still present on the latest roon 2.0 clients.
Interestingly the same issue is also on the brand new Roon ARC client.

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Hi @StefanK ,

Thank you for the reminder on this. I just checked the ticket status and I see that it is in progress, we are working on this but the changes haven’t made it out to the public builds yet. Thank you in advance for your patience until work in this area is completed.

Hi @support , any news on this ticket? It is going to be 1 full year since I have opened it and it is still not resolved. I really can’t understand how hard it can be to fix erratic scrolling on Compositions page.

Scrolling on latest ios iPhone 14 pro max is a bad joke.
It looks like Roon is using 30 hz. So it is a pain for my eyes to use Roon on the iPhone.

Fun fact:

When I make a screen capture, iPhone 14pro max, iOS 16.3.1, Roon 2.0 1211, that is a video, now suddenly the scrolling is buttery smooth. As soon as the screen recording is finished, the scrolling is unbearable.

Is this behavior reproducible for you?

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  • iPad Mini 6, iOS 16.3.1
  • iPhone 14 Pro, iOS 16.3.1
  • iPad Pro M1, iOS 16.3.1
    All running latest Roon 2.0 1211 I can record the issue easily. FYI, the issue is only on the Compositions view when scrolling up (backwards). So when I’m trying to pick a good recording and trying to compare them, even scrolling up slowly starts jumping around.

Same issue is also on Ron ARC 1.0 (145).

  • Roon recording from the iPad Mini: video
  • Roon recording from the iPhone 14 Pro: video
  • Roon ARC recording from the iPhone 14 Pro: video
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@support, fyi this issue is still not fixed in the latest iOs build 1271