"Scuse me while i'm playing the Blues"


Let’s gather some great Blues albums!

Unfortunately you can not listen to this album on TIDAL, not for the moment anyway.
But i think you can find it on Deezer, and for me this is one of the great Blues albums … what is yours?

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Great album.

Cheers, Greg


The 205 tracks in this box celebrate 20 years of Muddy Waters on Chess. It contains Muddy’s complete output for the Chess label from 1947 to 1967, with the exception of the “Super Blues” sessions from January and September 1967.
A tribute to the King of the Blues, whose legacy will live forever.

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Omar and the Howlers Big Delta
The Chess Box - Willie Dixon
Chickenshack Blue Horizon Sessions
Anything be Sue Foley and Peter Karp


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Now we’re talking, can believe I missed this thread.

My favourite Gary Moore album:


SRV’s finest hour, IMHO, along with Couldn’t Stand the Weather…


This is also a constantly played album…

The dialogue between the veteran and the “upstart” is priceless. The respect, the love, awesome…


Two Blues warriors -

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Love Walter. Such a hard time he had recently. Hoping he is now over it :slight_smile:

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Let’s not forget Snooks Eaglin (RIP) and his sometimes recording mate, Ronnie Earl, who remains among the top five or six blues guitarists of all time IMHO.

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