Seal -- Crazy -- Showing up in ROON as Dreaming in Metaphors

Not sure but I think I’m experiencing a Metadata issue.
I downloaded a favorite song from QoBuz onto my NAS.
It is in this folder
music/Seal/Seal 1991/01-03-Seal-Crazy-LLS

Roon insists on calling this song “Dreaming in Metaphors” for some reason and the album is listed as Seal [1994] which is wrong.

Is this a Roon problem or is it my problem? How do I fix this? I’ve downloaded about 100 tracks and this is my only problem. Any ideas? @support

‘Dreaming in Metaphors’ is the 3rd track on ‘Seal [1994]’, and ‘Crazy’ is the 3rd track on 'Seal [1991]. I think that the confusion here is because the 1994 album was actually released in 1991, so Roon is probably getting misled by the folder name. However, whatever the reason for the mixup, just click the three dots to the right of the Play Now button, select Edit …, then click on Identify Album. You should be able to pick the right one from there.

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Hey @DaveN

Great step by step instructions here, my friend!! Thanks for taking the time to help and demonstrate how this is done! :pray:

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