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Searching Anne Sophie Mutter in Roon, results nothing even some album of her in my library don’t show up but searching in Tidal there are lots of album of cource. I believe either I have to change something in Roon setup or there is a problem in Roon search engine. I have 1.6 ver.

Hi Ali,

I’ve moved this into a Support thread as something is not working properly for you here.

Have you tried restarting your Core ?

Could you please describe your setup ?

Strange , did you have hyphen


I just did the search and got a normal response

Hi @Ali_Fatemi,

Searching for “Anne Sophie Mutter” works okay for me. Can you share a screenshot of the results you get when you search that string?

when I included hyphen as Anne-sophie, now Roon can find her albums but without hyphen I got no result. Now its working with hyphen but is it possible to make search engine a little “let go” on pronanciations? I have the same problem also in Tidal own app. It could be a bless if like other search engine like Google, it could give us similar or near worlds and we shouldn’t type the very exact word. Thanks anyhow for help.

Something strange: searching for “Anne Sophie Mutter” (no hyphen) works perfectly well here for me:

The search engine is already fairly forgiving with misspelling in my experience. E.g. if I search for “Miles David”, it will return “Miles Davis” as the top result for an artist.

Hi, I reboot Roon and now its working even without hyphen!

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