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I was trying to get a list of jazz drummers in my library, but there’s no way AFAIK to do that. It would be great if instrumentalists would have metadata listing their instruments, eg:

Brian Blade: drums
John Patitucci: double bass, electric bass

Some of that information is already indirectly in the metadata: if you “Share Credits” in “Share Album”, the instruments for different performers are often listed.


Hmm, maybe something along the line of a “Credits Browser” with the possibility to Focus on Genres, Decades and Credit Roles (and a switch to exclude Production Credits and maybe for showing all Performers or just Main Performers) would help to expose more of what Roon knows already?

Could also be a nice “Discover” feature (like for instance “Rock guitarists of the 60s”).

Update: Another way to expose the instruments information could be some “instruments tags” added to the artists. The tags could be derived from the credit roles and might also be available as a (hierarchically structured) tags set in the Tag Browser.

Of course the next feature asked for then would be editability – and there will be complaints about that an artist played this and not this instrument and why doesn’t Roon know about something so blatantly obvious. :wink:


This is all an interesting idea.

If I may be so bold, could I link to this, a request for an ability to browse and focus over all personnel and their attributes (instrument, date, genre, nationality). I think it might serve both our purposes.


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