Search behaviour

I dislike the way search behaves.

  1. If I try to search for only ‘king’, in the artist section I get names of bands containing king in the name i’ve never heard of. I expect to see ‘king gizzard and the lizard wizard’ artist as I have it liked, I have liked multiple their albums that I’ve listened to hundreds of times. Things from my library should have a larger weight factor when doing search.

  2. Roon search has absolutely no tolerance on incorrect spelling/typos. For example, if I type “kingg izzard” as a mistake, I’ll end up with no results. If I type that in google, I’ll get corrected immediately and get wanted hits. This is so annoying.

I don’t consider this to be a feature request, rather a bug fix of invalid search behaviour.

Then limit the search results to your library…

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  1. If I do that, there is still no ‘king gizzard’ there, even though it’s the ‘king’ i listen to the most.
  2. There is no such option in the search popup.
  3. I don’t want only things from my library. I just want to see them first when there is no better match.

But thanks!

But why would you want the search results to find an artist already in your library? Use the Filter instead, and this will hone in on what you want quickly.

Based on your expectation, what should Roon return if you simply typed: “paul”? Paul Simon? Well, that’s rubbish, as I wanted Paul McCartney, or was it Paul Weller? No, Billy Paul. Or Paula Cole, St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir, or a track by Eminem? Whilst many acknowledge that Roon’s search can always be improved, it’s no different to, dare I say, using Google, where a more refined search yields better results?

The pop-up shows search history and top results; click More if you can’t find what you need. Or provide additional information, e.g., “king gizzard” or “lizard wizard”.

You can’t have your cake and eat it. However, you’re welcome to submit an idea in #roon:feature-suggestions.

i’d like to have one unified way to do this.

you really shouldn’t mention google as an example as it does much better job than roon in every possible way.

anyhow, I’ve already answered this before - roon knows what I listen, it should put weight factors on every paul that matches and sort by that. basics…

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