Search/Bookmark bug with Work/Part

Roon Core Machine

MacBook Pro 2019 16"

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wired Ethernet to eero router
Wireless to eero router

Connected Audio Devices

iPad Pro, iPhone 11, AirPlay 2, all via WiFi

Number of Tracks in Library

20,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Hello @support

Selecting a Work as a Favorite does not allow the Work to show up in a Focus search or Bookmark. The only things that show up are the individual Parts, and then only if they are marked as a Favorite. I expect the entire Work to appear in the track list if I have selected that Work as a Favorite.

Screenshots follow, using Brahms Symphony No. 3 as an example:

Tagged correctly as shown in Mp3Tag

Track list for the album as shown in Roon

Results of a focused search for favorite classical tracks

The screenshots were taken when I told Roon to use the file metadata for multi-part compositions, but the behavior is the same if I use Roon’s metadata (which also correctly identifies the Work and Parts). As a matter of fact, it was this bug showing up when I was using Roon’s metadata that encouraged me to test it with the file metadata after the tracks were properly tagged with Work and Part.

Why only this part & not the whole work?

Because you’ll see the favourite for the whole work under compositions.


Thank you!

So not a bug, just user error (looking in the wrong place).

I hate it when I do that.


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