Search box UI bug

In 1.8 if you have text already in the search box, the cross should clear it. This does not happen and tapping on the cross closes the search box instead.


This isn’t a bug, the x is designed to close the search.

If that’s indeed the case then it’s certainly a weird UX design choice. In any other UI whether web or app the cross would clear the text in the search box and clicking an area outside would close the box itself.

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Yes, I had the same expectation.

Behaves the same as MacOS Spotlight Search, Amazon and Firefox search. Different to others …

Welll since we are talking iOS I just went and checked a few apps including Apple Music, Tidal, the iOS search and everywhere the cross clears the text in the search box. So the behaviour in Roon if not a bug is clearly an anomaly.


On iPhone it works as expected. So I think also that there is an issue with the iPad version.

Agree, this is very odd. When you put a search box with an „x“ on an interface, then users would expect that clicking on the „x“ clears the content of the box.

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yes, I had the same expectation.

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I can confirm that X definitely cleared the search box in 1.7 on iPad. Seems to be 1.8 bug.

same here.

I can confirm, that the X was working the way like resetting the search field in 1.7
Please fix this @roon

Same here and unexpected behavior as this worked as expected prior. Also, if you switch out of the Roon app and go back the search field disappears. Will only come if I close the app and reopen…this is on iPad as well.

I have the same annoying experience on iPad