Search broken in iOS apps

Roon Core Machine

Synology DS920+ Intel Celeron J4125, 8192Mb
Roon 1.8 (build 884)

Description of Issue

Search on iPad and iPhone is not finding all music.
e.g Search for ‘lieutenant kije’ on my Mac finds 22 albums and around 40 tracks. On the iPad or iPhone it finds one album (in my library).
Search for ‘artillerie lourde’ yields no results on iOS devices but pages of results on the Mac

I’ve just checked here for both of your searches with Windows 11 laptop, iPhone and iPad, and get what appear to be the same results across all three.
It may be worth a restart of the core just in case that helps.


Thanks. Interesting, had already restarted the Core. Have deleted and reinstalled the iPhone app and I now get the same results. Sounds like some sort of caching issue

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