Search (build 880): typos not yielding good results

simply, searching for ‘callum scott’ does not return results for ‘calum scott’

a simple typo yields no results for what one is actually looking for.

pasting the same string into a google search (or spotify/even tital), yields correct results instantly.


Thanks, but did you try to get Haendel ? :frowning:

And… why to have to click twice when the previous Roon gave you all the records at the first typing ? :frowning:

I don’t need the Chaconne as a first and unique reference. I need to have all the recordings of the Haendel’s music. And you are lucky, you got this disk, I didn’t got it. Is it … random ???

Is there a user’s manual to get what we need ?

What is this story. The day before the update I had everything with a unique click on the right name !

Ida Haedel as a top result for Haendel !!! Ha ha ha ha !!! Does she pay for that ???

That I do not know.

I’m mostly noting that I am getting different results for some reason.
I’ve not searched for that artist before. I have no clue if that even means anything.
Hopefully constructive feedback keeps making it into the improvement of the search results.

I read that thanks to the new update the search was excellent. No, it is seriously ill.

I know that with each new update, you have to get used to it, but this is laughable!

I searched for your ‘Haendel’ and got this…

When I scrolled dow to ‘Albums’ I got this…

When I select ‘Ida Haendel’ as an ‘Artist’ from the top of the page I go to the Artist page which shows the 33 albums Roon thinks are available in Qobuz…

Can you explain what about this is not what you expect or require?

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Are you trying to find items by G. F. Handel (or Händel)? Roon may have an issue with Haendel vs. Handel / Händel because a Haendel result exists which is a real match (not an error correction).


Hello, it’s nice of you to try to help me, but when I search for 1°) Haendel and then 2°) Georg Frederic Haendel (and why type twice since I specified George Frederich Haendel in the search?), I expect to read all the music of G.F. Haendel, and not to have an unknown homonym as a top result.

I could assume that Roon’s search gets lost with the different spellings of Georg (Georges) Frederic (Friedrich) Haendel (Handel), but why does he only show me one disc of Pierre Boulez (there is no spelling problem!), and I have to type his name a second time to get a more or less consistent discography.

Why does the search for “Handel’s Sarbande” lead me to Deep Purple and Paco de Lucia!

I am sorry, it is very late now in France where I live, I go and sleep. Will read you tomorrow. Thanks.

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I agree with your conclusion. Nevertheless, it seems that Roon favors search terms (names) in the accepted English form vs foreign forms, even if the foreign is ultimately the right one.

I just did a comparative search for ‘Handel’ vs. ‘Händel’… it returns quite different results, being the ‘Handel’ search results concise and near perfect.


Hah! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I don’t get Deep Purple but I do get Aria 3 “after Handel’s Sarabande” - I would say the ‘s’ on the Handel is being the culprit there. But if you are looking for all the music of Handel/Haendel of the George Frederick variety, then scrolling down to ‘Haendel’ in the Artist section and clicking that link takes us to a page that is obviously a result of misspelling (in English at least) of the name - this isn’t an error as such, Roon will create a page for every artist it finds in the streaming service, even if this is misspelled or a very unusual spelling for most internationally released albums. Annoying though!

So I thought what would I do if I was looking for the music of GF Handel (the common english spelling) I would simply type ‘Handel’ (he’s a pretty famous guy and you would expect that to be enough!) then in the search the very first item on the drip down list (without going to the man search page) is ‘George Frederick Handel’ and this is also the top result on the main search page. If I click that link there are endless recordings and many compositions for GF Handel as one might expect. When I want a particular recording then I usually type something in the Discography filter such as ‘Orpheus’ which then narrows down the display to 9 albums by the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra.

Anyway, just thought I would have a play and check things out, the search for GF Handel seems to be working ok for me, in English of course… so maybe your annoyance is more about languages and search results? I quite understand if that is your native spelling of the composers name.

Still, good night and yes it’s late here too in the UK… :sleeping: (sorry should have said Bonne Nuit :slightly_smiling_face:)

There seems to be a little bug here that is causing big trouble. Merci d’avoir signalé ce problème!

Proper spelling corrections are planned in the next iteration(s), and unfortunately, we also don’t “normalize” German ü, ö, ä in a German way yet (ue, oe, ae). So, instead of correct results to what you have written, it will try to use whatever it can find with the remaining words you’ve typed in when in a classical context.

For this I’ll need some more information. Was there any error message displayed the first time?

Yes, that’s exactly the bug. The example that @KDM showed was not exactly the same: “sarabande de haendel”. Neither “sarabande” with the typo nor “haendel” with normalized spelling were found, leaving only “de*”, which on its own is useless.

Agree about the language issue, often the “primary” name will often not be the correct spelling of the name of the composer. Same issue with “Dvořák”. Search shouldn’t have a problem with it though.



In French Sarabande is not a fault.
And please don’t let ROON consider foreign spelling as a faulty typo in English: for example Haendel and Handel or Händel.
Or else, install a dictionary of names which translates into English language what you consider a mistake in those who do not speak like you.
Does Roon want to be international? Okay, do it.

(Sorry, @zenit if you are not a part of ROON. I just want to explain the issue)