Search by File Type in 1.8?

I was hoping that Roon would finally add a way to search tracks by file type (e.g., DSD, FLAC, WAV), but I don’t think this is in 1.8, is that correct?

You can accomplish that with focus:

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Thanks. But I don’t see how to add these fields to Focus? I don’t see Sample Rate / Format / Bit Depth and don’t see how to customize the Focus options…
Thank you

When in Tracks click on Focus and scroll down the list of options. Format, sample rate and bit depth are all there. I’m not able to test this, but I believe the only choices you have are the ones that are actually in your library.

Yup - these are not visible. I’m using the iOS iPad App - perhaps they are not visible in the App?
Wait - yes, these options are visible under Albums, but not under Artists. Not sure why? Odd. But anyway, I can use Albums.
Thanks for your help.

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They are available for me on the iOS app. No iPad at hand to test.

Also available in My Tracks and on my Android phone. I wouldn’t expect them to be in Artists as they are not properties of artists

Because artists don’t have bit rates. They sing in analog.
The focus options are context sensitive. So if what you are looking for isn’t immediately applicable to the sort, it won’t be available. The Artist page won’t offer bit rate as a Focus option.
If you want to find the ALAC version of a particular artist, go to Albums (sort by Artist), select ALAC in the focus popup, then start to type the artist name in the filter funnel.

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Funny but it doesn’t make sense. You are searching and sorting Tracks, after all. If you click on Artists it’s another way to search, just like Albums. So I should be able to see all ARTISTS for which I have tracks in FLAC, for example, not just Albums.

Roon is v. good, but these are the types of usability omissions which make it miss the mark. It’s odd - almost like the developers don’t actually use it to listen to music!

Actually, if you are on the Tracks view, you can sort by Format and Bit Rate and Performer, because a track has all of those as attributes. But an Artist doesn’t have Format and Bit Rate as an attribute. Their albums and tracks do.
But I understand your point you’d like to be able to search for every attribute no matter where you are. Everybody thinks about these things differently

Yes, agreed… Thank you for your help, guys! This is a great forum.
Happy listening…

Bit rate isn’t sample rate. I’m slowly replacing mp3 albums and trying to replace the low bit rate albums first. Before 1.8, I could select all albums with bit rate < 256kbps. I can’t find a way to do that any more

This should help

It’s the answer to your question in the other thread.

That’s bit depth. For example, I want to find all my albums where bit rate < 256kbps

No you can’t do that only via format or depth. Bit rate is not a thing in Roon filters for as flac can have any bitrate due to its compression but it’s an indicator of absolutely nothing to with sq. Lossy is lossy regardless of bit rate.


I could filter for bit rate before 1.8.

Lossy is lossy but bit rate does affect sound quality. The quality difference between a 128kbps mp3 and a 384kbps is way more obvious than the quality difference between a 384kbps mp3 and any lossless file

But it doesn’t with flac and that has varying bitrates and that’s my point so it becomes a little messy as flac has no fixed bitrate. Don’t remember ever seeing a bit rate focus at all, buut then I haven’t ever had a need to such a thing so won’t have looked for it.