Search by label!

I have never succeeded in finding an album by using record label filter search.
Any suggestions?

If you are looking in your own library, you can use the Focus Feature under albums. Just come across to Labels and pick which one you are after…

If you are searching for new music, you can do it on Qobuz App… by the label name. Like what you want and sync your Roon Account with Qobuz thru settings/services and those albums you found and liked will be in your album lists.

How are you performing the filter/search?

If you are using the Global Search (the :mag: icon, top right of the Roon screen), be aware that it will only search for labels of the albums present in your Roon Library. So, for example, if I search for Decca and scroll down the search results, I see:

And as @Fergus_B says, you can also use Focus in the Album browser directly.

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Active feature request, vote on it:


But there are some great labels that i want to explore out of my collection.
Why can’t I?

Are you saying that you are not seeing these labels being listed in Focus > Labels in your album browser?

Perhaps you can show an example of an album which has a label that is not being listed in Focus?

I can only just see the albums in my collection, can’t really explore labels

In the Album Browser Focus > Labels will show you the list of labels that Roon knows about, for example, in my library I see this list by clicking “View more” in the Labels column:

This list is scrollable, so you probably won’t be seeing the complete list all at once. You can also filter this list.

It’s true that if an album doesn’t have metadata to identify which label produced the album, then Roon will not be able to show the album as belonging to that label. In these cases you can always add the name of the label using Roon’s album editor.

So if you want to search beyond your collection, vote for the feature request that @Suedkiez pointed you to earlier.

That feature is not in Roon at the moment.

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