Search by language, is it possible?

Is it currently possible to search for albums by language? Fore example search for albums in Hindi or Korean. Currently language does not seem to be a field in Focus, and using the generic search only looks for the word in the title or track.

Mods - Please feel free to file this under ‘Feature Requests’

Is there a file tag field for language ? I don’t think Roon can determine language without a tag, if a tag exists then it could, in principle, be searched.

Thanks for the pointer @andybob It looks like Language is not a field. Could one add a language custom field? Even if I were to add a custom field it would only help me search albums I have tagged but it would not let me discover or say search on Tidal. Do the meta-data providers expose language information?

You can add a custom tag in Roon, which is stored in the Roon database not the file, but as you say this would only relate to local albums you tag.

I don’t know whether the Roon metadata contains a language identifier. Let’s flag down @jeremiah and see if he can tell us

Searching by the band’s country is of course possible, which is similar though perhaps not exactly what you’re looking for.

You are right in general, but if you are from a country like India (where I am from), with more than 10 languages spoken (not dialects but completely different languages) search by country does not do much good. This gets even more complicated because a major portion of the music that is produced in India is from movies and movies are often released in multiple languages.

Fair point. Got any Hariprasad Chaurasia or Shivkumar Sharma? Or is that considered cheesy in India :smiley:

Not at all, they are classical masters. On the contrary, the type of music I am referring to and want to search for ‘Bollywood’ may be closer to cheeezy :wink: