Search by record label outside library

Not at all against but after many years of being on the forum injecting some reality of adoption.
Many feature requests, finite coding and bang per buck is needed.

I don’t think it’s a case of users being against “improvements” it’s more a question of balance & priorities. The feature request category invites suggestions for new features & modification (improvement) to existing features and there are hundreds of them.

I’m sure the developers, given time, would love to be able to incorporate all of the suggestions but in our “real world” situation it’s not going to happen without a substantial increase in developer numbers (and subscription rates).

Personally, I think time should be spend resolving issues and refining, time permitting, existing functionality especially when there are easy access, free, alternatives.

This hits the nail on the head. I probably wouldn’t want to browse a label like ECM or Deutche Gramophone. But I love to browse and do deep dives on smaller independent labels like Gondwana, Jazzman, Linn, Tru Thoughts, Real World, Big Crown, etc etc


Please add the ability to be able to search (record) labels online. At the moment this seems to be restricted to my library.




I’ve merged your topic into this existing one.
I noticed you hadn’t voted for you own suggestion, if you wish to you still can but now it’s at the top of this topic.

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I came here looking for this feature. I have no more votes to give, but, as they say… “+1”

September 2022: it does! You can find now a lot of stuff from Reprise.

Don’t think I’ve seen this permutation mentioned: with this function, one could imagine a next step where you’re able to ‘favorite’ labels, and when new albums are released, they feature in the ‘new releases for you’… This would be a huge game changer for me.


For me it would be helpful to see the labelname direct in the header-info (for example aside by 44,1 khz etc.) and not down in the player, composer etc. tab.


Another vote to have search by label in Qobuz (or other streaming service). It is a great way to explore music and recordings.

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+1 for this feature. Would be extremely useful for me, too.

Vote at the top, please, if you haven’t

Like the idea. Roon already provides more than the streaming services. For example entering a search for conductor and composer will often (not always) provide a search result with both. The focus tool is inconsistently available, however, for many searches focus isn’t available. Filter is. But neither Focus nor Filter permit search by label. Qobuz (can’t comment upon Tidal, Spotify, Apple or Amazon) permits searches by label, but doesn’t allow for Boolean searches (conductor and label and composer, for example). I’ve asked Qobuz about this, but as with this current line of suggestions, much easier to request/suggest than to code with time/$$ expenditure with possible foreseen/unforeseen interactions with other code elements. Roon, with a search George Szell Bartok, is the only software among those mentioned that will provide a result including Bartók: Concerto for Orchestra, George Szell, The Cleveland Orchestra. It also provides other results, but it got me to the recording I was seeking. Quasi Boolean.

I’ve added my vote to the top, but would modify the request as implementing true Boolean logic searches. Lots of material out there and sometimes it’s challenging to find/refind it.

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