Search fails to find genre based results

In the genre selection why does searching for a specific genre not return any results? DUB is the search in this case.

In this case the user is a friend of mine. His collection is tagged DUB where it applies and import settings are to use all file based tags etc - not roon’s

I have copied his library to my my setup and using the normal roon import settings this also doesn’t work in search.

Here’s my results for ‘Dub’ …

So maybe there’s a lag between adding your friend’s collection to your library and the search, which is provided by Roon’s servers, being updated? What happens if you select ‘Only show my library’?

Been there for over a year…just trying to help him fix it before he dumps roon. Ive tried this on his library and he doesn’t have Tidal or Qobuz accounts…only local NAS content

Does it only (not) happen for that particular genre?

I don’t think it matter which genre but he is traveling for the next 2 weeks so other than my copy of his files for now I can’t say on his system. I plane to replicate his library import settings on a test machine and see if I can see any changes. I know he has put a lot of effort in to tagging his files before copy them over to the nas. He also uses jriver and this seems to be able to allow his finding things easily, just not in roon.

I assume the file tags are OK – did you check this for one of the files which should show up under a certain genre (like: what does Roon show as file tags?).

From your description my setup seems comparable to the one of your friend. I’m only using local files and genre information from files with a customized genre structure / customized genre mappings. I’m only seeing some weirdness with one “Master” genre I have set up which has special characters in its name – apart from that genres show up in search results.

@Martin_Webster I think perhaps it’s because the genre results are so far down the page of what is displayed…(I scrolled down about 3 or more screens I think) perhaps if you are searching in genres mode then the results should be at the top for genres…and likewise for other areas when searching say tracks the tracks results should be at the top of the page…and the other areas for things albums or artists etc etc fall below the top of the results.

I’m going to reimport his whole library on my alternate test machine with just his library files and see what transpires with all file based import data and ignore Roon.

Hi @wizardofoz,

When I do this search things seem to be working okay for me. Could you share some screenshots of what is seen when they do this search?

@Dylan Hi Dylan, I will do some more testing before I respond here…but suffice to say the search results when in a given category should appear at the top…not several screens down below. Is posting 3-4 screen shots really needed?

Hi @wizardofoz,

The search screen results aren’t dependent on what screen you initiate the search from.

Can you elaborate on the results that you’re expecting to see?

When I do a search for Dub, the genre is the top result:


Understanding the specific content you’re looking for, and where it appears, will definitely be helpful here.

I will need to replicate his setup…its nearly 1AM here for me so not going to happen tonight I’m afraid.

Thanks for the followup, @wizardofoz. No rush here, whenever you’re able to provide the other details we’ll be happy to take a look. If there’s something we can do better here I want to make sure we get these details to the team, but I just want to make sure I have a full understanding before doing so.