Search field Keeps last entry when clicking on it

  1. I would like to request that when clicking on the search field it can come up clear instead of having what you last searched for, This is a bit annoying since you have to erase your last entry.

  2. When searching would be nice if roon can predict what your looking for and try to auto populate as your typing.

Thank you.


Gary no 1 I am all in favour of as it has become a bit annoying that every time I use my pc and search I have to go back and clear our what I last searched for.

No 2 would save me a lot of time having to think about what I want to listen to. Part of me thinks you are just thinking fix item 1 by setting the second goal just a bit too far off in the distance :stuck_out_tongue:


1/ well this is pretty common in more apps than Roon, Discogs also keeps your last entry into the search bar too.

2/ well for me this works just like you ask for! I start typing and it throws up some suggestions before I have finished as a list underneath where I am typing. Are you saying this does not happen for you?

It does not happen for me when I type there is no auto populate.

I’m using a Nucleus version 2 as my core

I really don’t know why?
I just tried again on my desktop PC as a remote as core is on ROCK.

It does not put anything in where I am typing but has a large drop-down under the typing area of suggestions based on what I had started typing.
A quick screenshot from my phone showing what I mean. It is possible you are thinking of something else??
I typed in an and you can see suggestions.

Let me clarify was asking if the auto populate feature can do that as your typing in the search bubble.

But wouldn’t auto populate just show one possible completion? The current method allows a choice of completions - much preferable IMO.

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Thats why I said you might be thinking of something different
Just my opinion, I find the actual auto populate that inserts itself right where I am typing to be more confusing than being presented with a dropdown of possibles.
But maybe thats just me…

Absolutely 100% agree Geoff!!

Gary sorry I thought you were looking for something a little more complicated than what you were actually asking for :pleading_face::roll_eyes:

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