Search finally partially fixed - a strange problem persists

Hooray! Finally, the Roon search seems to have been partially fixed! At least when you search for two names simultaneously, the corresponding albums in which both names appear are shown properly. However, there still seems to be a problem with searching for a single name. For instance, when I search for “Wagner” within my library (I do not use any streaming services), the following results are shown:

However, there seem to be a lot of albums missing. For instance, if I type in “Wagner Moralt”, the following recordings of the Ring des Nibelungen (and other albums where these names appear) are shown:

Strangely, none or almost none appear when I only search for “Wagner”. I hope, this can be fixed as well. This would be so great!

And, if you go to Wagner Composer page and look under discography? Does it show everything?

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Yes but that’s not my point. I am referring to the search for albums. When I type in two names, everything is correct, but not with just a single name. I use the composer page to verify that the album search is not correct. The composer page has already been correct before the last update.

Searching for Wagner is not just searching for Wagner the composer, it is searching for anyone named Wagner in any credit on any album.

That result is returned based on popularity of the found items. Notice that guilini verdi Falstaff is returned. That is because Roger Wagner was the choirmaster on that album.

So when you search on two terms you are giving context to Wagner.

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Yes, but that would be ok. My problem is that tons of results are not shown that are associated with albums containing “Wagner”. If I search for that word, I do not only want to have the most popular albums (however popularity is measured) but a full account.