Search, Focus and Identification

Let me preface this post by saying I’m more than happy to have migrated from Sooloos to Roon. I have finally sold the Meridian system and am pleased to see it go as I did find it a bit unreliable … but I will not dwell on that.

It seems finding classical music is challenging as it does not always work well in Roon, although it is better than the Sooloos effort. Intrigued by the composer Busoni, yesterday I tried a focus for that composer but the Roon did not find all Busoni albums.

Using the search engine for “Busoni Piano Concerto” did find both piano concerto CDs but Focus-> composers -> Busoni only found one of the two. It appeared that the “missing” concerto had been identified as extra data was showing for it and “unidentified” was not displayed, but actually it had not been fully recognised so needed identification to show up under Focus.

A similar situation occurred with the Busoni operas in this collection. Items only show under Focus if identified. For some reason, although the correct album cover displayed for the 2 opera set, Roon would not accept identification. Yet they are found by a “Busoni” search!!!

The identification process can be tedius and trustrating in sets of say 6 albums. Each and every item appears initially as CD2 requiring laborious moving of tracks down. Most frustratingly the gelling of say 2 or 3 albums in a set does not seem to make the identification process any easier for the others. And identification fails completely for some albums meaning they are not seen by the focus function.

So I remain confused why “Search” finds “unidentified” albums yet “Focus” does not. And I should add I’m not impressed with the format used for displaying albums under “Search”.


It would be useful if you provided some indication of what’s lacking in your view.

I’ve not noticed this before, hopefully an easy fix to the codebase.

First up I’m not keen on the highlighting of 6 albums. If there are more than 6 albums of a complete work in the library then Roon misses some in that 6. If the request has been for a composer, more albums which have ALL the works of that composer should be displayed first, not just an album with only one, or a few tracks. One can to scroll down to find others I realise, but they could be more important to the user so I’m not keen on Roon deciding which need highlight attention.

I would prefer a consistent approach to the display with slightlly larger icons than are presently used
further down and put on the left as now happens lower down. I guess the order is currently determined by the number of hits any work has experienced but that is not necessarily the best criteria. Maybe just list albums in alphabetical order of artist?

Sooloos was irritating in dispaying each movement of a work giving a messy list to examine. Roon is better in this regard but I find the current display unappealing.