Search for Album Ratings


I think it would be a very useful function for the discovery of new music if one could search for all albums with an official 5-star rating. This could be done by allowing a “rating:5” option in the search input field, or “rating:4.5” if one wishes to find all the albums with a four and a half-star rating.

I’d expect the ratings to be in a database already, and the database should be queryable for that.

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Focus --> Select 5+ stars ?

Thanks @thojac, but that will only search in my Album list for everything that’s inside the library. For the discovery of new music, the ability to search through all available music (within a genre perhaps) with a rating of 5 or 4.5 would be great. Just like the library, the entire roon meta-catalog for TIDAL is also a database, so this shouldn’t be a tall order.

One possible workaround might be to use the Allmusic web site for this. The Advanced Search can handle this type of search. Not as convenient of having it integrated in Roon, but it is a start, perhaps?


Hi @Geoff_Coupe, oh, I didn’t know about this; that’s very nice already, thanks! This way, I’m already 90% happy. :slight_smile: