Search for Playlists, Roon shows part Qobuz functionalty

Since I use Roon (2000) I hardly play musicfiles from my NAS.
I am only using Qobuz as a music source. I am probably not the only one who uses Roon/Qobuz this way.

I think in general the huge music-streaming community has a lot of creativity and is very capable of making their own playlists based on certain themes and personal tastes. So not only based on boring robotised top rated and/or most played songs. And I wellcome people who share their choices with other members of the community.

On the Qobuz platform I can select playlists and search for (e.g.) Einaudi. Though the shown playlist are not that extensive and surprising but it is a start. Also shown are other related composers/musicians.(Spotify community offers far better playlists).

  1. But… Why does Qobuz in Roon not offer this full playlist search functionality? The only search results I get in Roon are the Einaudi related albums. Maybe I do sth wrong? If not… I pay for the full Qobuz funtionality so why do I get half of it?
  2. I was thinking of installing Qobuz separately on the NUC? Or is there another solution?
  3. Now I sometimes import playlist from Spotify into Qobuz and these will be shown in Roon. Personally I would appreciate that Qobuz/Roon would embrace the knowledge of the music community and integrate their efforts into Qobuz/Roon.

Roon was never designed with a playlist search option unless it’s already in your library. It’s the same for Tidal and KKbox as Qobuz. It’s a big limitation that’s been brought up before, your best putting in a feature request in Feedback and perhaps look for other requests and add your vote.

Other apps that integrate Qobuz api seem to be able to search for playlists so it’s possible just Roon need motivated to add it.

Thanks Crystal
It is pretty difficult to search for an specific earlier brought up request in this forum.
Initially I intended to play my own musicfiles; Needs do change… and will in the future.
If this subject will not be taken up then I have to reconsider my streaming platform.

Let’s see what happens with other input from the Roon community.

This should do it:

Without being negative, my advice would be if Roon doesnt meet your needs, look elsewhere; but i doubt you will find anything that is comparable, but you might find something that suits your needs.