Search for 'tron' leaves it down the list

Looking for ‘Tron: Legacy’ soundtrack, so search for ‘Tron’.

To my surprise I have to go to view all in ‘library albums’ to find it in the results. A few things are top of the list like ‘metronomy’, technotronic’, ‘Magnificat’ (including Trondheim soloist), Nothing else in my library starting with Tron. I would have thought it would have come up top of the list?

Hmm - works for me:

Mmm interesting. This is iOS will try on Mac later and see if it’s the same.

Some of your other results (like artists, production etc) are a bit odd based on a search of ‘Tron’ though?

Main thing we learn here is that Geoff needs more Metronomy in his library :wink:.

Search can come up with odd results and Tron should match before some of the other albums there. As a general rule though, do we want Search to be more rigorous, say with wildcards and Boolean operators, or fuzzy ? I favour fuzzy with some learning capacity because I generally remember something like what I want, more than the exact name.

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Yes. Definitely. Search results are sometimes very peculiar.

Love Love Love The Flat Earth. “Don’t you point that raygun at me I might just explode”… Off to listen to it again.

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