Search for “Underground Railroad” fails

There are three CDs featuring the music from the tv series Underground Railroad. Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3. When I search Roon for “Underground Railroad” only one of these CDs is returned.

Same search in Qobuz finds all three:

Thanks for the feedback here, @Jez — I’ve passed this along to the team.

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Thank you @dylan. You might also pass on the issue I raised in this post:

I previously reported a problem I had with Roon searching for “Underground Railroad”. @dylan told me that he would pass my observation to the team.

The same search for “Underground Railroad” produces worse results in build 808. The direct hit on “Underground Railroad” is now 18th and not even on the first iPad screenful of albums. The previous 17 suggestions have nothing obvious that I can discern to do with Underground Railroad. Of the three possible volumes of Underground Railroad available on Qobuz, Roon shows only one. If I search Qobuz all the results are intelligible to me.

I think it is reasonable for me to ask whether Roons behaviour is intended or not. If it is intended will someone from Roon please explain to me why Roon works the way it does in a way that is counter-intuitive to me. If it is not intended behaviour, please will you address it. And could you please explain what happened when you passed my previous post to the team?

Roon seems to me to miss obvious direct hits. Why?

Roon results

Qobuz results: