Search freezes Android app (roon remote)

Roon Core Machine

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e (SM-T725), 4GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

WiFi (Mesh)

Connected Audio Devices

Bluesound Powernode (N330)

Number of Tracks in Library

13192 tracks

Description of Issue

Roon Core is on a HP Probook (with Intel Core i7, 10th gen) running Windows 11 pro, connect via WiFi to my local mesh. I use Roon Remote app on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e (Android 11).

Problem: When I use the serach function in Roon Remote the app freezes completely. I have to close and restart it (the same thing happens on my smartphone (Huawei P20, Android 10), too, btw.). I have already deleted the app, restarted the tablet and freshly installed the Roon Remote app, but the problem is persistent.

Any solution or workaround? Without search working properly Roon isn’t very useful for me.

Hi @Markus_Pirchner,

We’re sorry to hear about your trouble with your remotes. It looks like you’re still running older builds of Roon. Can you please try to update your Core and Remotes to the latest update, Build 923 and let us know if this helps. We’ll be watching for your update!

Problem solved after upgrading to the most recent version build.
Thanks for your help!

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That’s great to hear @Markus_Pirchner! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help with anything else!

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