Search function and focus merge

Maybe it would be interesting to merge the two in a kind of advanced search function ?

I was looking for example a song called “art of love” by the band “art of noise”
If there would be an advanced search where I could put as artist name “art of noise” (eventually with a * as sometimes it is “the art of noise” and sometimes “art of noise” to have both) and then in song titles “art of love” and maybe if there would be like a “version” field (as there are different mixes of this song (7" mix, album version, extended version, etc) and then use some of the focus field like release date and format.

If I now put this search in Roon, I will get zillions of hits of bands I even did not know they existed… as I have also Tidal.

If I limit the search to my own library, it is also not really what I want as a result, as I, for example, get the band “Noise Boyz” with “declaration of love”

As we are trying to improve, the result window of search (if you do view all tracks") could also be improved. If we could sort the results (song name, artist etc) and if we could also have some additional fields like format and release date in the search results, that would be amazing !

Thank you,

I was going to suggest that using the funnel filter would help, but when I tried your search I got…

I don’t have the album or artist in my library

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Thank you @Brianw

I got a bit more (around 5 “pages”), i was trying to see if i have the extended version of this song

Ahh, I see better what you wanted. The funnel filter afterwards with e.g. “art of love” will ensure you get just the right title, but yes, you get all the other artists too.

@BrianW thank you, somethings seems to have changed in the result window !