Search function is library only....sometimes

The search function seems to only search the library and not Qobuz. When I use the left menu to browse Qobuz, the search function (magnifying glass) still only shows library. How do I search Qobuz???

I am unable to reproduce this personally.
I’ve been using Roon with Qobuz all day listening to the things posted on the forums. New release day.

Did you have any issues logging in to Qobuz within roon?

I have the same problem. I have to find things on Qobuz using the Qobuz app and Favorite them on the App to be able to play them on Roon. Search appears to be 90 % tidal results. I wish there was a way to prioritise streaming services on search as I way prefer Qobuz on sound quality.

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no issue getting to Qobuz. Seems like if I do a search on composers, artists I don’t have at all, then Qobuz content shows up.

I am not trying to be cheeky, but have you hit the discography tab? Mine shows only stuff in my library until I go to that discography page.

I have been searching all day, I get results from both Tidal and Qobuz.

What endpoint( remote) are you using to search with and from where are you searching?
The magnifying glass top right?

yes, the magnifying glass

what its an

Hmm, I’m starting to see a number of Qobuz complaints popping up.

I hope it’s not another system wide Qobuz issue surfacing yet again.
But it is the weekend so sounds about right :frowning:

Although it could be regional as it does appear to be ok here in the USA.

I use the lac discovery box to stream content (I assume this is the “endpoint”). Regardless, this all used to work.

Sorry, meant Remote, not endpoint.
Remote meaning the device you are accessing Roon search with, phone, tablet, PC etc.

Of course it could be an endpoint as well but let’s stay simple.

Although I appreciate the feedback, how the heck do I get a ROON person? They get 10.00 per month.

I changed the Category to support.
Hopefully that will help get their attention.

Well first you post in the support section , then hopefully someone from Roon will pick it up.

But it’s also the weekend ( start of anyway) and support is always more limited over the weekend.

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ooops, I think I see what is happening. If I search “Beethoven op 127”…the initial results is all my Beethoven in library (CDs, MP3’s - all “ripped” content). Then after all that is the Qobuz results with “op127” content. SO I have to scroll much further. I think they changed the search algorithm to favor the library first, and anything that may be related to the search…before it got to Qobuz to provide more specific results.

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Thanks “Hammer” and everyone else.